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Nishu Awards

Nishu annual awards shall be awarded to recipients at the annual banquet. Nominations for these awards must be provided in writing to the board of directors by the monthly meeting prior to the banquet. Nominations may be made in person. The board of directors must approve the nomination by a 2/3 majority of members present. If a member of the board is nominated, they may not vote, and should be excused for discussion. In cases of more than one nomination, a majority vote will determine the award winner. The award (certificate, plaque, trophy) etc. will be decided on by the board of directors.

Nishu Bowmen Rookie of the Year

This award is to be given to new member (1 – 2yrs), who has been active in club functions. He/she would have attended and helped in most club activities, and has shown a sincere interest in the performance and direction of the club. Most importantly, this new member must demonstrate a good attitude and willingness in his actions in club activities.

Nishu Bowmen of the Year

This award is to be given to a member that has had an extraordinary year. He/she may have had a particularly good year in competitive archery; having done well in many events, or exceptionally well in a special event, i.e. state, regional, sectional, national. Or, he/she may have had an exceptional year hunting; harvesting several animals, or one or more exceptional animals. They must however; sign a fair chase statement if requested by the executive committee. In addition to these accomplishments, the winner of this award must be an active member that regularly helps and participates in club functions, (leagues, banquets, tournaments).

Nishu Bowmen Hall of Fame

This award is to be reserved for longtime leaders of the club who have devoted countless hours and many years to the betterment of Nishu Bowmen and the sport of archery. This dedicated member, or past member must have been an active helper and participant in club functions and events, (leagues, banquets, tournaments, and meetings). He/she must have a minimum of 15 years of membership, (not necessarily consecutive), and should have had a major role in shaping the direction of the club. This nominee, above all must be someone that has been a positive role model in representing Nishu Bowmen. More than one person can be inducted into the Hall of Fame at one time.

Nishu Award

This award will be the highest award given by the Nishu Bowmen. The qualifications for this award must be similar to the Hall of Fame Award, only more. He/she must have been a member for 15 years. The award nominee must have been a hard working leader of the Nishu Bowmen for many of these years. The recipient of this highest honor however, must have considerable involvement outside Nishu Bowmen. His/her association and leadership with these organizations must in some way directly or indirectly involve the sport of archery. More than one person can receive the Nishu Award at one time.

Big Game Awards

The Nishu Big Game Award is an annual award given to the member harvesting the highest scoring antelope, mule deer, and whitetail deer in North Dakota. A special award will be given to any member harvesting an elk, bighorn sheep, or moose in North Dakota with bow and arrow. To be eligible he/she must be a paid member prior to the start of the big game season and in good standing with Nishu Bowmen Archery club. Animals must be taken with a bow and arrow under the rules of Fair Chase during legal hunting seasons, as well as in accordance with the controlling hunting regulations.

The trophy must be measured in accordance with Pope & Young scoring, including a non-typical category. However, only one buckle per species will be awarded based on the highest percentage of Pope & Young minimum score. Velvet and hard horned antlers will be scored equally. An animal’s antlers or horns must dry, at room temperature and normal atmospheric humidity in an unaltered state, for a period of at least 30 days after the date of harvest to be officially measured. The awards will be selected by the board of directors. Minimum scores of all categories must be 80% of P&Y to qualify:

  • Antelope: 53.6
  • Whitetail deer (typical: 100, non-typical: 124)
  • Mule deer (typical: 116, non-typical: 136)

If the final score meets or exceeds the established minimum score requirements for that species, the following rules must be followed and listed materials supplied for recognition of the Nishu Big Game Award:

  1. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all forms are submitted to the Nishu board.
  2. Applications must be submitted on or before the monthly Nishu board meeting prior to the yearly awards banquet.
  3. Scoring form completed by the official measurer.
  4. Submit Fair Chase Affidavit completed by the hunter.A field photo, if available, is beneficial to include.

Revoking Awards

Any award presented to a NISHU member may be revoked by a two-thirds vote of the board of directors if a member:

  1. Is convicted of a felony or hunting violation other than a misdemeanor.
  2. Conducts his/herself in a manner to jeopardize the organizations charter with affiliated archery organizations.
  3. Conducts his/herself in a. manner that subjects the organization to adverse legal action.